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"I wouldn't use a product on my skin that I wouldn't put in my mouth"
—Dr. Joseph Mercola

Healing, Protecting and Beautifying Ingredients

Coco Love Oil is created in-house with love using carefully researched blending methods allowing for a perfect synergistic infusion of each superherb ingredient. We use only the highest quality raw, and organic premium oils. We've infused CLO with dynamic superherbs to promote healing, decrease the aging process, and protect. The addition of time-tested beautifying essential oils and flower essences energize your skin with a luminous glow of vitality!

We know that beautiful and vibrant skin needs to be nourished — what you feed your skin will determine the health of your skin. That's why Coco Love Oil is totally edible, and very yummy. Unlike other skin care products, it's essential nutrients are beneficial and delicious. This can be tasted right out of the jar, or added to your favorite smoothie for its super health benefits. Coco Love Oil. ESSENTIALICIOUS!
coconut Coconut Oil
Edible • Silky feel • Anti-bacterial • Anti-fungal
cacao Cacao Oil
Soothes rough skin • Heals dry and sore skin • Tastes great • High in antioxidants and minerals
rallis olive oil Rallis Olive Oil
One of the worlds only ice-pressed premium olive oils • Skin nourishing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
jojoba Jojoba Oil
Closest to natural skin oils • High in Vitamin E
pau d'arco Pau D'arco
A Superherb that stimulates the immune system to destroy bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic and yeast infections
cat's claw Cats Claw
Superherb that is anti-viral • Potent immune (health) builder
changa mushroom Chaga Mushroom
Strong anti-aging and immune stimulating properties
astragalus root Astragalus root
Used to treat male fertility in Traditional Chinese Medicine • Powerful immune system builder
marshmallow Marshmallow
Protects, soothes, and heals delicate skin
damiana Damiana
Powerful aphrodisiac • Increases erectile stability • Decreases hot flashes
ashwaganda Ashwaganda
Aphrodisiac Superherb • Vitalizer • Helps promote tissue rejuvenation • Slows aging process • Increases sexual stamina
melauca Melauca (Tea Tree)
Used to treat gum disease • Kills Garnerella and other microbes that cause vaginal irritation (vaginosis)
rose Rose
Skin beautifying oil • Aphrodisiac smell
st. john's wort St. John's Wort
Beautifying • Anti-bacterial • Anti-viral • Soothing • Uplifting
cinnamon Cinnamon
Used to treat thrush and yeast infections • Great smell and taste • Warming sensation
lavender Lavender
Antiseptic • Soothes and Heals skin
peppermint Peppermint
Refreshing smell, taste, and sensation • Kills bacteria and microorganisms • Strong anti-fungal
stevia Stevia
Sweet delicious flavor
pepper Pepper
Adds warmth and increases sensitivity • Increases blood flow • Kills bacteria