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Luxurious care for the health conscious body.

Dr. Woo prepares Coco Love Oil
Dr. Woo prepares Coco Love Oil
Essentialicious Nutrition for your Skin!

At Woo Love! we are committed to creating healthy, beneficial skin-care products derived completely from raw and organic premium oils, powerful superherbs, and rejuvenating flower essences.

Coco Love Oil is doctor-formulated to improve the user's health, happiness, and vitality from head to toe, inside and out.

What is Woo Love!?

Woo Love! is the foundation, operation and motion of Dr. Barbara Woo and Dr. David Daly, a husband and wife team who, for over a decade, have promoted health and well-being at Daly Wellness Center. With the mantra "Woo Love!", the ethical and principled-creation of products for spiritual and physical health is an absolute necessity. At Woo Love! we pledge to use the purest ingredients and utmost integrity in all our loving creations.

What is Coco Love Oil?

CLO is a doctor-formulated skincare and intimate moisturizer, derived from 100% pure, raw and organic super herbs, premium oils and precious botanicals. CLO delivers essential oils, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants straight to your skin.

There’s "Super Food for Skin" and "Super Food Lover Lube." What‘s the difference?

The difference is in the ingredients.
"Super Food for Skin" was created by Dr. Woo for use all over the body. It is anti-aging and gives skin a warm glow by promoting circulation and immune system health. Great for after-sun care too! "Super Food for Skin" flavors include Cinnamon Smooch & Lavender Rose.
"Super Food Lover Lube" contains potent organic aphrodisiacs, helps promote vaginal and erectile health, fights off bacteria and microbes, and has a silky-natural feel.
Flavors include Burning Love & Minty Cool Kiss.
Try them all! Coco Love Oil is pure and healthy — you will taste its goodness and love!

Who uses Coco Love Oil?

We have a large demographic of "Coco Lovers." Because of its many benefits, CLO is enjoyed by men and women of all ages and skin types. The anti-aging vitamins & minerals repair and rejuvenate skin, while rare botanicals help protect against unfriendly microbes. CLO is a healthy, female intimate moisturizer, cherished for its on-the-spot, silky smoothness. It is also beneficial in relieving dry hair and skin, soothing sunburns and savored for its super-nutrient-rich massages.

Why choose Coco Love Oil?

Your skin absorbs whatever you put on it. Therefore, chemicals and toxins found in many of today’s skincare products are stored in your body tomorrow. Take a look at the ingredients in your current skincare or intimate products. Do you recognize the ingredients? Would you put those ingredients in your mouth?
Many skincare products contain ingredients such as:
Propylene Glycol — a chemical used in manufacturing paintball bullets.
Sodium Hydroxide — a basic ingredient of detergents and drain cleaners.
Silicone — a core ingredient in car brake fluid.
Do you feel the same way we do?
Coco Love Oil is not only non-toxic, it's really good for you! CLO has a mouth-watering aroma, yummy taste, is beautifying and full of immune-supporting super herbs. You don't have to wash it off when you're done.
Wouldn't you rather lavish yourself in rare and essential oils and herbs organically-grown and harvested from exotic global locations? Of course you would!

Why is Coco Love Oil a success?

Coco Love Oil is perfectly suited for the flourishing organic food and product market. There are no lover lubricants that currently fit this void — especially from a health perspective.
Therefore, CLO has no competition in this growing organic, anti-chemical, preservative-free, and artificial-free marketplace.
Because we use pure and healthy ingredients (not chemicals), our production turnaround is swift. Dr. Woo creates it, knows her stuff, and wants to deliver it to you FRESH!

Comin' back for more Woo Lovin'!

We have a nearly flawless repeat customer rate — everyone that uses Coco Love Oil comes back for more!

What's next for Woo Love!

We are in the process of creating an infomercial!
Keep an eye out for Coco Love Oil on your televisions soon!

Thanks Woo Lovers!